Words & ideas that Connect and Inspire

My entire career has involved words. These days I specialise in the power of content to create change, spread ideas that count, and encourage a spirit of honesty and openness in the world.

A. M. Darcy
Writer & Content Consultant UK/france

I have run the gamut of working with words. After winning my first award for fiction at aged 14 and earning a degree in Creative Writing, I started as a lifestyle journalist and editor. Then I fell into a career in film, working as a screenwriter and story editor for over a decade. But my obsession was always personal development. Eventually I studied coaching and counselling (self-confessed therapy school dropout here) and decided to forge a career writing about all my favourite subjects, using the online environment to create change in the lives of others. A decade later and I’ve earned the status of ‘expert’ mental health writer and online content star. I still write fiction. 

Areas Of Expertise

Content wise, I’ve done it all. I’ve written thousands of articles, and also e-books, guides, web pages, workshops, sales pages… and yes, of course, screenplays and short stories and maybe some novels.